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All the major cloud providers — Azure, AWS, Google, offer serverless architecture support for the developers. The free serverless service is also designed to help developers automate the process. Larger applications in a serverless architecture require an architect to look at the overall expected events and act accordingly. In a way building in a serverless architecture can be booted up in parts without any dependencies.

Robust serverless architecture offers certain code modularity to reduce interdependence. It disconnects the functions from one another and a data source becomes a single space. Keeping all the functions together can be a bit risky if something fails, whereas a relationship between functions mitigates the risk.

When it comes to a robust serverless architecture, the code is handled by a developer to create solutions. The code is usually functional in nature and has the ability to process data without class-based blueprints. A robust serverless can be extremely important for large applications where the breaks and data could be lost. By using this method, the risk caused by transient nature can be reduced.

to know more about the robust serverless architecture with a comparison between a serial serverless architecture and a parallel serverless architecture.

Originally published at https://walkingtree.tech on May 18, 2020.




WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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