Understanding the role of conversational AI for customer support: through the lens of hyper-personalized Insurance domain

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2 min readNov 21, 2022
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Traditional chatbots are fast being replaced by Conversational AI for the latter’s additional ability to personalize dialogue with natural language. So, many businesses that were leaning towards chatbots for customer support automation, now want an upgrade. This is particularly true for a hyper-personalized domain like insurance where there are ample chances of customers making deep probing queries based on their eligibility, financial ability, and requirements.

Knowing these limitations of traditional chatbots for addressing customer queries in a personalized manner is important for understanding the value propositions of conversational AI. Insurance remains to be one of the major beneficiaries of intelligent customer support automation powered by conventional AI.

In which ways conversational AI brings the highest value to customer support? What are the business processes and outcomes most impacted by conversational AI? Well, conversational AI has emerged as the most proactive query-handling technology for an array of different business processes and channels. In the case of the insurance domain, conversational AI is now used to handle customer onboarding, document and information processing, policy advisory, claim support, and many others.

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