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The Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in renewed interest, in cloud-based services. Cloud platforms have ensured that their model is sustainable and support remote workers and customers. But in the world of economy and environment, it is essential to pay extra attention to the details and choose the right cloud platform. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects to look into before adopting the cloud.

Reviewing the business model

With the number of changes happening around, it is important to look at the business model first. Many businesses are looking at the new way of working and how it can affect their business. Even the customers are feeling the impact with the new form of communication, whether its Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. There it is cruel for business managers to closely monitor the business model and see whether the technology needs are being met.

Plan for the rebound

Business owners are now planning ahead for the future. Many will have to scale up or down to stay on track with the fluctuation of demand. Staffing, supply chain logistics, stock management will directly impact a business. Hence, it’s better to plan for the rebound.


Good resilient and technical support is essential for every business. Software updates. Testing and automation are no longer an excuse for disrupted services. Managed cloud services are more secure and reliable.

Financial governance

Whichever cloud service that you choose, make sure to choose a platform that provides a real-time analysis of your business so that it will be easier to make any necessary changes. If needed. Cost control and governance have been a top priority for a business. Thanks to cloud-based services. They’re easy to use accessibility has made workers use a huge range of resources.

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Originally published at on May 26, 2020.