The risks and challenges of adopting Cloud solutions — WalkingTree Technologies

The Oracle and KPMG Cloud Report identifies the key risks and challenges that organizations are facing while implementing and maintaining cloud solutions. Securing an organization’s data and maintenance requires a security-first approach, with a clear understanding of the shared responsibilities required for cloud security. Cybersecurity is no longer about installing antivirus software. It’s an ongoing attempt that demands continuous attention to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

According to this report, about 92% of IT professionals stated that their organizations weren’t adequately prepared to secure public cloud services. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges faced by organizations.

Traditional data security — 75% of IT professionals view the public cloud as more secure than their own data centers, 92% feel that their cloud security programs are creating a readiness gap. An increasing number of businesses are identifying their own lack of shared responsibility knowledge in securing the cloud.

Misconfigurations of sensitive data — When organizations do not employ a security-first culture that spans the C-suite, the result can be a data loss, the proliferation of malware, and mistrust of the cloud service. 59% of respondents reporting that they have had privileged cloud credentials, and 75% experiencing data loss from a cloud service.

the official Oracle and KPMG report for a detailed look at the cloud security issues.

Originally published at on August 4, 2020.