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2 min readJun 17, 2020

One of the most critical components in web design is clarity. It has a direct impact on what is perceived. The clarity in a design revolves around the communication of information and the information quantity. Let’s take a look at how clarity is important in User Experience.

Visual Clarity — Visual clarity is practically a measure of how well the information is being conveyed through an image or any form of design. Clarity gives meaningful and unobstructed interaction with the user. User Experience designers should aim at creating a seamless experience and reduce the load users.

Visual Complexity — Visual complexity is referred to as the level of detail in an image. In web design, complexity is usually represented through dimensions of the number of objects, symmetry, and a variety of colors. According to research, visual complexity is related to a user’s perspective of how organized and neat a page looks like.

The researchers also suggested a few things when it came to the complexity of a design:

  • Adding more visual elements will increase the complexity
  • Less visual stimuli give more aesthetic results
  • More clear and beautiful webpages are simpler

The clarity in design plays an important role in User Experience and is usually determined in the very first seconds a user sees it. to know more about the significance of clarity in design.

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