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It has been more than 2 years since React came up with a new major release. The all-new React 17.0 is here but it doesn’t add any new features. Let’s take a look at React 17.0 and what are all the changes.

No new features

The React 17 release doesn’t add any new developer-facing features. Instead, this release is focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself. The React team is actively working on the new React features, but they’re not a part of this release. In other words, React 17.0 is a stepping stone release that makes it safer to embed a tree managed by one version of React inside a tree managed by a different version of React.

What are the new changes in React 17.0?

  • Event Delegation: In React 17, React will no longer attach event handlers at the document level. Instead, it will attach them to the root DOM container into which the React tree is rendered.
  • No event pooling: React 17 removes the event pooling optimization. It doesn’t improve performance in modern browsers and confuses even experienced React users.
  • Effect Cleanup Timing: The timing of the cleanup function is more consistent.
  • Native Component Stacks: With React 17, the component stacks are generated using a different mechanism that stitches them together from the regular native JavaScript stacks.
  • Removing Private Exports: The private exports have been removed. React Native for Web was the only project using them, and they have already completed a migration to a different approach that doesn’t depend on private exports.

to know more about the React 17.0 version.

Originally published at on September 22, 2020.




WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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