Next phase of DevOps: Upskilling for processes & humanity — WalkingTree Technologies

The skills required for deploying DevOps has changed over time. In the earlier days, the transformation was mostly focused on technical skills to help organizations evolve. Now with the technical skills being fulfilled, enterprises are now shifting towards other skill sets. There has been a major shift towards process skills, which eventually overtook automation. It represents the process from the perspective of source control models, flow analysis, and the software development life cycle.

According to the latest research, the main focus was on digital transformation and DevOps. This is why enterprises are hiring IT professionals for guidance in digital transformation. According to the same research, about 52% of respondents were actively recruiting or had plans to recruit for DevOps roles in the next 12 months. Reskilling existing employees is also on the cards, but a substantial amount of enterprises want talent externally to meet their needs.

Newly hired employees raised concerns among the current employees in terms of job security and growth in an organization. More than 38% of the responders did not have any plans for upskilling their current employees, about 21% were trying to establish and 8% didn’t even know if their company is offering upskilling. Major enterprises like Amazon, FedEx, and Google have announced that they have plans in upskilling their current employees.

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Originally published at on June 22, 2020.