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Images play an important role in an application, it brings your application to life. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues developers face when adding images in a Flutter application.

How do I retrieve an image from the web?

To do this, all you need is the Image.network widget. However, It is possible for your image not to load. To cover this issue, you can use an errorBuilder. The errorBuilder provides error’s stack trace and handles exceptions in whatever way we want. Another solution is to return an asset stored locally in your application.

How do I add a filter to an image?

You can apply a color filter using the ColorFiltered widget. This widget requires a value for ColorFilter. The ColorFilter can be constructed in different ways:

  1. ColorFilter.mode — Creates a filter using a source colour and a given blend mode
  2. ColorFilter.matrix — Transforms a color using a 5×5 matrix
  3. ColorFilter.linearToSrgbGamma() — Applies the sRGB gamma curve to the RGB channels

How do I use an image asset?

Using an image asset is pretty straight forward. Just follow these steps: Download the image on your computer, add the image to your project, add the image path to your pubspec.yaml and lastly, use the image in your code

How do I make a grid of images?

Flutter’s GridView can come in handy here. Firstly, collect the list of images you wish to use. Then create a single grid for each image. The next step is creating the grid. Use the GridView to do so.

How do I round the corners of an image?

There are multiple ways of rounding the corner of an image. One of the options is to use a ClipRRect. ClipRRect allows specifying a borderRadius. You can achieve various results through this, such as rounding all corners, rounds the top and bottom, or left and right.

How do I make my images circular?

Use the ClipOval widget to create an oval-shaped clip of the child element.

How do I give an image a border?

You can use the Container widget here. Wrap the image widget in a Container and decorate it with a BoxDecoration.

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