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The Ext JS Pivot Grid component enables a rapid summarization of large sets of data. It provides a simple way to condense many data points into a single format that makes trends and insights more apparent. Let’s take the example of sales data. A company will have a record of all sales it makes for a given period of time. This will often encompass thousands of rows of data. The Pivot Grid shows how well each salesperson performed, in which cities generate the most revenue and other relevant insights into sales.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 powerful pivot grid features.

Axis and Aggregation — The Ext JS pivot grid relies on 2 factors i.e Axis and Aggregation. Axis manages row and column placements and Aggregation manages group calculations. Many in-built methods are also available such as sum, average, min, and etc.

Filtering — Pivot Grid provides filtering based on a year or value.

Multiple Grand Totals — With Pivot Grid in place, it is convenient to add up multiple grand totals.

Range Grouping — This feature allows in displaying the grid rows aggregated into groups as specified by the grouper.

Drill Down — This feature allows the user to view all records that were aggregated for a specified cell. A double click can open the records viewer.

to know more about Pivot Grid and how to implement it in an application.

Originally published at https://walkingtree.tech on July 16, 2020.




WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree Technologies

WalkingTree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology.

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