3 open-source problems keeping you up at night | WalkingTree Technologies

The Open-Source model is popular for sustainable development because of its strong sense of community, collaboration, and transparency. Many businesses in this era are building their web, mobile, and cloud solutions on an open-source infrastructure.

What many businesses may not be prepared for is the dark side of open source when things go wrong overnight, when you least expect them to. According to a DevSecOps Community Survey of over 5,500 IT professionals, open-source security breaches have increased by 71% over the last five years and 41% of executives do not implement open source governance in their organizations. Let’s take a look at the open-source problems you might across.

Delayed software patches

Data breaches, small or large, can cause significant damage to the reputation of the company while presenting unfathomable legal and financial ramifications. With open source adoption, teams have a greater responsibility to ensure that the software used is patched as soon as vulnerabilities are detected. Moreover, the later in the development cycle that vulnerability is detected, it will be more expensive to fix it.

Keeping your code secure

Most teams don’t accurately manage and maintain a complete record of open-source components used in their products. This can have long-term, severe implications if executives are not enforcing strong SWLC policies within their teams

Failing to understand license nuances

Developers need to be extra cautious when it comes to licensing terms and conditions when selecting open source code to incorporate into projects. Software licenses can be quite complex, some allow redistribution while others don’t, and some may work fine but can have subtle nuances and clash with other license types.

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Originally published at https://walkingtree.tech on August 18, 2020.